Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Gini Update spring 2011

 Not many spectacular things happened since my last post, which is good news! Gini is fine, she loves the sun, catches lots of mice and the occasional bird, eats well and she still loves going on walks with us. She wants to be outside all the time and her fur has grown enormously, so much that she has a beard like a lion, that actually is in the way when she eats... In the pictures below Jeroen is playing hairdresser and cutting off a bit of hair...

Gini with much less beard...

...resting in her favourite place...
And she has found a great new way to my atelier, via the roof and the window... she loves curling up on my home-knitted blanket while I am painting... We love her like crazy and are still very very happy that we have her in our lives!

Friday, 24 December 2010

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Picture of the year 2010

Taken on June 21st - I'm sewing beads on a dress for tonight's party and Gini helps...

Gini wishes all her friends a lovely Christmas!

And a happy new year!
As you can see she was delighted to wear the Xmas hat... euh, not really
Luckily her happy moments are in the majority... see movie below!

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Gini Newsflash!

O my, o dear... she caught her first mouse today... of course I have no pictures - the panic was too great. The mouse (a tiny one) was still alive and kicking, and escaped in our house. I had to lock up our wild cat and Jeroen caught the mouse, but that took a while... he placed it outside, in our 'forest' and we kept Gini inside to give it a headstart. And then it started to rain and we kept Gini inside longer. She is SO angry with us now! That's her new goal in life now: out, to hunt...

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Less updates on Gini but just as much fun

Heidi's back in town - she doesn't need to be updated so often! I will still post from time to time if there's something really funny or a great picture or movie. This picture here is a breakthrough - she never wants to be on my lap in the evenings (she does in the morning!!) but tonight after 3 tries she decided that despite the shortness of my legs she wanted to sleep on them!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

100 places to sleep III

Hi there! Everything AOK here in the South - despite a lot of rain the past days (A LOT!) Gini goes outside, complains loud, looking at us with eyes that say "come on, switch off that rain!!!" And if we don't she goes anyway!!
I'm off to Holland until Monday for the last time this year, so Jeroen can bond with her a bit more... He might just post a piece too, and maybe not but in any case I'll be back with you next week Wednesday :) and always available by email!
For now, here's part three of the 100 places to sleep... On the blankets and sheets
On the stairs to the atelier

In Jeroen's cupboard -on his shoes (a favourite sleeping spot everywhere in the house)

In the fireplace...