Thursday, 29 October 2009

Less updates on Gini but just as much fun

Heidi's back in town - she doesn't need to be updated so often! I will still post from time to time if there's something really funny or a great picture or movie. This picture here is a breakthrough - she never wants to be on my lap in the evenings (she does in the morning!!) but tonight after 3 tries she decided that despite the shortness of my legs she wanted to sleep on them!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

100 places to sleep III

Hi there! Everything AOK here in the South - despite a lot of rain the past days (A LOT!) Gini goes outside, complains loud, looking at us with eyes that say "come on, switch off that rain!!!" And if we don't she goes anyway!!
I'm off to Holland until Monday for the last time this year, so Jeroen can bond with her a bit more... He might just post a piece too, and maybe not but in any case I'll be back with you next week Wednesday :) and always available by email!
For now, here's part three of the 100 places to sleep... On the blankets and sheets
On the stairs to the atelier

In Jeroen's cupboard -on his shoes (a favourite sleeping spot everywhere in the house)

In the fireplace...

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Gini says Hi

A very sunny day - Gini and I went out for a good long walk. She loves that! Sometimes I take the lead, but often I stand still and wait for her to go somewhere... This was filmed close to the house, but we also go deep in the forest! Because of the bright sunshine the quality of the movie is not so good to say the least, but you can see Gini run, roll in the pebbles and if you listen carefully you may even hear her purr...

And did you notice that she speaks fluent Dutch now?

Another remarkable thing is that she is crazy about Jeroen. It is not that she doesn't like me, but, well, I'm not HIM :). A couple of days ago, J and I were coming down from the stairs of the atelier - and Gini was just coming that way, minding her own business, not really noticing. We both called her and she RAN, in a straight line, to Jeroen! Didn't even look at me... She's daddy's little girl, so much is clear... Have a great weekend!

Friday, 16 October 2009

Message from Heidi

We got a message from Heidi with a very lovely picture of Gini Herself when she was stil a supermodel - isn't she gorgeous!! (by the way: In her new life she needs to be brushed because she is dirty and full of 'things' from the garden. She even has a spot in the bushes now where she sleeps!!
Anyway, back to Heidi's message from Cambridge...

There's Cat life over there too! And cat wisdom... And another furry friend - to comfort Heidi when she misses Gini too much? (he's cute too!!) Maybe slightly less elegant when cleaning himself and sleeping :)

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, 11 October 2009

100 places to sleep part II

OK - Gini sleeps basically everywhere - and around 20 hours per day - so 100 places to sleep is not overdoing it if we give her a couple of weeks! Of course the camera is always not there when the bed is funny, like "in the fireplace" "in the cupboard under the stairs" (we think of changing her name to Harry) and in "small carton boxes". But we keep trying... the camera was close to Jeroen's lap

...on our bed...

...on the bureau...
... on the garden chair...
To be continued...

Thursday, 8 October 2009

Gini and the birds

Just a short one - busy week with lots of commissions to finish and tomorrow anothe gallery-hunting day with Sally :) All is very well with Gini - she really is our little girl and since a couple of days she goes out alone at night, and often comes back with a present! Feathers mostly - we have almost enough to build a new bird!! Around midnight she comes home, regular like clockwork - sleeps on our bed and in the morning when Jeroen gets up she runs to the door to go out again... and she talks and purrs and strokes your legs; It's exactly as Heidi said: Gini IS happiness!!

Monday, 5 October 2009

100 places to sleep

Gini sleeps on top of Jeroen, on the bed, on her orange blanket, on Jeroen's shoes, on the garden chairs, on the table, under the table and she is very creative in finding other "beds"
In a tiny cupboard in the laundry room... the cupboard on top of my clothes...

Ah! ...looking for a possible new sleeping-spot...
... on top of the clean laundry...
...on a plastic bag...
...and in many, many other places - still collecting and taking pictures - to be shown in future posts :)

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Gini goes for a walk

Every day (and night) Gini tries to get Jeroen or me to come outside with her. She really enjoys our company and we actually go for quite long walks! I have tried to make a movie tonight when she was out with Jeroen, meowing softly and going really far, walking next to him in the moonlight, VERY cute, but it was too dark.
Yet here's a movie composed of pictures that I took when she and I were strolling through the greens a couple of days ago. With a surprise at the end...

Thursday, 1 October 2009

1 october

Been very very busy, done great things with Gini but no time to write about them...
Today Sally was here, she confirmed what I also thought: Gini seems to be growing!
Plus she still sleeps on the plastic bags, plus she eats really well, plus she is outside as much as she can, plus she is hunting bigger prey - the mice have left the building :).
Sleep well Heidi! Your cat is doing finer every day...