Saturday, 17 October 2009

Gini says Hi

A very sunny day - Gini and I went out for a good long walk. She loves that! Sometimes I take the lead, but often I stand still and wait for her to go somewhere... This was filmed close to the house, but we also go deep in the forest! Because of the bright sunshine the quality of the movie is not so good to say the least, but you can see Gini run, roll in the pebbles and if you listen carefully you may even hear her purr...

And did you notice that she speaks fluent Dutch now?

Another remarkable thing is that she is crazy about Jeroen. It is not that she doesn't like me, but, well, I'm not HIM :). A couple of days ago, J and I were coming down from the stairs of the atelier - and Gini was just coming that way, minding her own business, not really noticing. We both called her and she RAN, in a straight line, to Jeroen! Didn't even look at me... She's daddy's little girl, so much is clear... Have a great weekend!

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