Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Gini Update spring 2011

 Not many spectacular things happened since my last post, which is good news! Gini is fine, she loves the sun, catches lots of mice and the occasional bird, eats well and she still loves going on walks with us. She wants to be outside all the time and her fur has grown enormously, so much that she has a beard like a lion, that actually is in the way when she eats... In the pictures below Jeroen is playing hairdresser and cutting off a bit of hair...

Gini with much less beard...

...resting in her favourite place...
And she has found a great new way to my atelier, via the roof and the window... she loves curling up on my home-knitted blanket while I am painting... We love her like crazy and are still very very happy that we have her in our lives!


  1. what a lovely gini cat you are!
    just found you by chance:
    I am a cat and my name is Gini, too!
    hope you are still well & fine?!

  2. Hey Gini - That is such a coincidence! yes, 'our' Gini is very well, the weather is not so good at the moment so she is much more inside :)