Wednesday, 9 September 2009

The first day with Gini

Gini is very brave! Last night around 11PM we opened the door of the sitting room (where she had been from the moment we brought her in). She was so bored by that spot by then, that she happily entered the new parts of the house... but since we have no doors, that was quite a lot of new surface!! Jeroen walked with her to the dining room, the kitchen, and then up the stairs, where all rooms apart from our bedroom were locked. She found it very interesting, although she isn't used to "our" sounds and runs into hiding every time she doesn't trust it... She is very curious about "outside" - but that has to wait a bit! During the night we didn't hear or see her (she didn't jump on the bed, something we secretely hoped for) but when he got up at 7 AM she welcomed Jeroen with a happy "proot proot" and had eaten all of her "croquettes" and been drinking water and been to the litter tray! She joined him upstairs again when he brought me my coffee (she didn't jump on the bed) and pushed open my dressing/ironing/spare bed room.A new adventure! She did her rounds there too and then hid under the bed, until I went in to iron a couple of shirts, after a while she came out and I could stroke her. She hated the hissing sound of the spray that I was using though! But she was very friendly and meowing back when I spoke to her.
Now it is 2.30 and she hasn't come down the stairs... we think that she has to get used to the idea, that "downstairs" no longer means "street thus danger" but is part of her house!!
I'm going out for an appointment around 3PM and when I get back she may just have found her way back again, with no audience that tries to get her attention all the time... O, we also found out that saying "Giiiniiiii" with a high pitched voice works better that just saying her name hahaha... Sounds very funny when Jeroen tries that!

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