Thursday, 17 September 2009

Thursday 17 September

Happy Birthday Merel!
We had internet problems yesterday, due to the rain... that's why I couldn't write a post! Also due to the rain, nothing much happened - but today, the sun was back and Gini was HAPPY! We also notice new developments: Heidi told me Gini doesn't eat much, merely licks the jelly from the meat, and a couple of croquettes... But now... she eats the whole dish and wants more! She performs a ballet when Jeroen prepares her food (Remind me to make a movie of that next time, funny! :)) I guess on the farm she uses up more energy! She is also much braver outside and loves the rosemary bushes. She runs after flies (and runs away from big ones) and jumps on the table and asks to be brushed, purring loudly when I comply (and I am allowed to do her belly!)

Gini helps Jeroen with pulling weeds

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