Thursday, 10 September 2009

Thursday, 10 September

Gini has had a good, relaxed day!

She has played long (and wild) with Jeroen's old boat shoes, especially the laces, she has eaten well, we've had much fun talking to each other and she has deserved her second name: Swiffer (a dutch brand that makes dust-cloths)... Whenever she is scared, which still happens from time to time, she hides far under furniture, where vacuum cleaners don't come... and when she comes out she is covered in spiderwebs and dust - and needs a good brushing! (But the floor has never been so clean!)We love her very very much - and it looks like she is ok with us too... And I can tell you that she is very interested in "outside"... we keep her inside for the time being, but she is looking through the windows all the time, fascinated by everything that happens there, so watch this space!

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