Monday, 14 September 2009

Monday 14 September

Fine Monday today, I was doing house work, and preparing my class. Gini was close, had fun with one of her mice (a fluffy pink one). She went outside around lunchtime, but there was so much wind, and the tractor of the neighbours, and children nearby, she ran back into the house and slept all afternoon on her mink (hgrm)... When Jeroen got home, we let her out, and together walked long distances, even behind the house and in the field. After five it is quiet here, and she feels much more confident! We hardly got her back in... and after dinner, in the dark, she went outside again! She comes immediately when we call her - running out of the field, jumps from the low wall of the terrace on the table and from there into the kitchen!! Farm cat - in only 5 days!! When we closed the door (we don't want her to be alone outside too long...) she was outraged! She sits on top of the chair in front of the window and meows!!
She's now given up - sleeps in the chair, not between us. She's angry. What a cat!!

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