Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Tuesday 15 September

Terrible weather aujourd'hui!! Gini was a little bit depressed as she couldn't go out today - she wanted to but it was just too wet, too noisy (thunder!) and too cold... She ended up on her mink in the dressing. When I came home from the atelier she was still there (but my clothes, in the cupboard were all on the floor... mmm wonder who did that?!). After her dinner (she eats sooo well!!) when she found out that she still didn't like it outside
it is VERY wet, Jeroen saw a waterspout in Cannes and took a pic with his phone
Gini played for a while with her girly toy - one of many that she brought with her from home in Cannes

and then moved to her now-familiar napping-spot: Jeroen's lap

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