Saturday, 12 September 2009

Saturday 12 September

A day in the garden... It was a real outside day today, not too hot, not too sunny, not too noisy...
After her first careful steps on the terrace yesterday, Gini ventured out much further!

She went quite far, and stayed between Jeroen and me! Ran back to the house when she was afraid, lots of times in the beginning, but less and less... I took loads of pictures and made a couple of movies, if you want to see more leave a comment and I'll post them later...

The movies are not in the right angle I'm sorry to say, you'll have turn your laptop - or your head - some 90°...

Gini has found the spot where the alpaca's used to hang out (they belong to our neighbours - they will not come here anymore now that we have a cat again :)) - and she liked the scent so much she kept rolling around... smells like a little lama!!

It's time for a good sleep. After having been on Jeroen's lap for a while she is now on her old blanket in the chair... We LOVE her!!

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